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Core Features

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Our business email service provides you with contacts, calendar, tasks and notes what are you waiting for?


Flexible Billing

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Management Power

Our business email service gives complete control to the admin so the admin can control its organization and its users in real sense.

Transperant Billing

We have made the billing process transperant & flexible for you so you can understand the process very easily and that it will be done without any complications.

Security & Privacy

When we talk about security, the business data privacy theft & security comes first before anything else, therefore our data process servers are connected with end to end encryption.

Data Loss Prevention

We have added additional layer to your email data to prevent any loss of your important data. If you have deleted any of your data purposely or accidentally then our retention layer is there to restore your data any time.

Migration Buddy

We have simplified & compressed migration process with just one click, so that you can migrate your emails from any mailing operator easily & quickly. Our migration supports any mailing technologies available in the market.

Restrictions Policy

Most promising data leak/theft restriction policy has been added to businesses, admin controlled organization users are restricted setting up their own aliases, or forwarding options & deleting organization data.

Push Notifications

Notifications on the fly, this feature gives an immediate push to the organization users and devices and informs them about the new email arrival so they know what’s new in their mailbox and this push feature works in real time with no delays.


All emails get encrypted at the time they get saved on our servers, to avoid the risk of accessing them during transit and over data server. The requests sent via POP/IMAP/SMTP via TLS automatically encrypts your email during transit.

ActiveSync Support

SyncMX provides native Microsoft ActiveSync support, the protocol is designed by Microsoft® called as Exchange ActiveSync® to perform wireless synchronization Mobile devices and can fully synchronize emails, contacts, calendars, events, notes and tasks.

Extensive AntiSpam

Our 3 layered spam security walls filter each email at 3 different level. It’s not just receiving and sending, our designed spam layer not only checks receiving emails but also checks outgoing mails. Certain attachment extensions are restricted over syncmx servers.

2FA V.1

Our 2FA authenticator mobile app alerts your device whenever our system detects unauthorized access to verify your identity so you always know who and from where your account is being accessed.

24X7 Support

We have designed support system by mapping account managers for your organization as a part of signup so you can contact them at anytime as per your support needs. Alternativly you can contact us via phone, chat OR email.

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How do we designed SyncMX and how all the amazing features work

Most of the email services are designed keeping users privacy in mind whereas We have designed this product to secure not only users but we have mainly focused on maintaining data theft, data loss, privacy & security for the businesses. We have revoked business users alias & forwarding options to prevent unauthorized usage of business data & data theft at the other end we added more power to admin so they can setup any users aliases or forwarding from backend.

Deleting organization data by business users has been seen in practice commonly these days and to prevent that we added restriction policy & data retention. Admin can restrict organization users from deleting confidential and important data even if the restriction policy is not added to users even then data retention policy comes in action.


Control. Privacy. Security. Ads Free.
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